Wedding nails inspiration

I’m getting married very soon – in only a couple of weeks, and by now most pieces should have come together. Of course, I still haven’t decided on my shoes, how to wear my hair or my nails!!

I don’t think I’ve been too much of a bridezilla, but it’s certainly been a stressful experience. So to give myself a little break, I’ve spent the past couple of hours getting some wedding nails inspiration. I think I’ve got a clearer idea now of what I want. I’m not sure how my fellow nail bloggers feel, but I will be doing my own nails on the day. I know I can do them well, and I think it will be a nice calm way to spend the morning.


I love the idea of having the nails match the wedding band. A French manicure also seems like a very popular choice.


Perfect if your dress has bow features!


I really like the texture on these ones, and the beautifully crafted petals. I wonder how this has been done?


I love the added sparkle on the pinkie, and the colour is just beautiful. Although the French manicures are very classy, I’m seriously considering a pop of colour.


I love these! This is also very similar to my own wedding colour palette, and the flowers are perfect for a summer wedding!


I think this is a bit too advanced for me, but absolutely gorgeous!



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