I got married!

It was a lovely summer’s day with friends and family present. There was good food, wine, dancing, singing, emotional speeches, laughter, tears (I didn’t think it was possible to cry so much and be so happy at the same time), photographs, hugging and love. Lots and lots of love.

I did get a chance to spend a few hours on my own in the morning, with a cup of tea, doing my own wedding manicure. Then after a small lunch, my bridesmaids arrived and made sure every part of me looked as polished as my nails. The rest of the day is just a hazy, happy blur. How can something you’ve spent so long thinking about, go so quickly? : )

My groom and I walking ‘in’ – our wedding was held outside in a garden.


I chose to emphasise the pearl detail in my dress with pearl rhinestones on my nails. The colour is Barry M Berry Ice Cream, with colourful flower nail art stickers as well.

Delicious cake, we had Princess cake – a traditional wedding cake in Sweden.

2 Responses to “I got married!”
  1. Virginie says:

    Congrats! What a beautiful couple 🙂

  2. Sopapilla says:

    Beautiful nails, beautiful bride.

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