Olympic round up

So the London 2012 Olympics are now over. It came, it dazzled, it inspired, and now we can only hope the Paralympics is as awesome. I am looking forward to learning loads about it, and just getting back into watching new sports that I’ve never seen before! I had three posts on Olympic-inspired nail art (rings, Team GB and medals), and I saw so many other exciting manicures (not least on the athletes themselves) that I have to post them on here. Just click on the image for a link back to the source, as always.


I thought this was a stylish take on using the Olympic colours in a manicure.


This is a very complex, stylish Polish-Olympic-themed manicure. I love how the Olympic rings are used in London – so detailed!


Gold for the medals I presume, and the edge is made up of scraps left over from nail stickers, very thrifty!


This manicure was made using decals, hence the amazing details. I  love the bright yellow.


These nails are absolutely gorgeous!

Columbian swimmer Carolina Colorado Henao rocking some pretty nails.


US swimmer Missy Franklin.


German cyclist Kristina Vogel.


Hungarian swimmer Zsuzsanna Jakabos.


French swimmer Coralie Balmy.


US tennis player Venus Williams.



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