People who know me well know that I am a huge fan of reptiles, crocodilians in particular. It’s weird, but it has always been the case. My sister saw the Barry M Croc Effects nail polish and immediately bought it for me – thank you sis! And now I present you with a reptilian manicure. … Continue reading

Postsecret nails part two

Some more secrets, too good not to share!

My leopard designs

I love this nail design concept, and so my sister and I had matching nails for a while. See my previous post on leopard nails for more ideas. Two metallic leopard nail designs, gold and silver. What do you think? Ingredients list Prep time: ~1,5 hours. You need to leave enough time for the base … Continue reading

Old designs (lots of pictures)

I have been making pretty nail art designs for about four years now, gradually getting better. I used to just take pictures with my mobile phone in the past, so the quality of these images is not great. However, I thought I would share these old designs on here.

Louboutin Manicure (Halloween nails)

This manicure is nothing new but a good tip since Halloween is coming up. I tried this a couple of years ago for Halloween and it was perfect. You get long black ‘witch’ nails and the added effect of looking like you’ve scratched someone’s face off. I know they are supposed to look classy and … Continue reading