Space nails

I’m really excited to share this nail art tutorial with you. My sister requested this a while back but we haven’t had a chance to get together in weeks. I saw her this past weekend and in exchange for a drink at the bar (yummy banana cocktail), she got a space manicure. It was very … Continue reading

Postsecret nails part two

Some more secrets, too good not to share!

Postsecret nails

I’ve been a massive fan of the Postsecret art project for years, I even saw Frank speak at my university back in 2009. I now also have the iPhone app, and there’s an abundance of happy/funny/sad/unique secrets being shared every minute of every day. I’ve collected the ones that I like, or recognise within myself … Continue reading

Old designs (lots of pictures)

I have been making pretty nail art designs for about four years now, gradually getting better. I used to just take pictures with my mobile phone in the past, so the quality of these images is not great. However, I thought I would share these old designs on here.

Louboutin Manicure (Halloween nails)

This manicure is nothing new but a good tip since Halloween is coming up. I tried this a couple of years ago for Halloween and it was perfect. You get long black ‘witch’ nails and the added effect of looking like you’ve scratched someone’s face off. I know they are supposed to look classy and … Continue reading

First post

After much thinking/wishing/wanting I’m creating my very own nail blog. I will be featuring designs by me, on me and on others (sometimes friends and family act as willing models). There will be a plethora of inspiration posts. And then, just lots of other stuff, whatever catches my eye really. I hope you enjoy it! … Continue reading