Final set of PostSecret nail secrets (picure heavy post)

I came back after my Christmas vacation to see that the PostSecret App has been closed down. I knew that there were some problems, and some really quite disturbing material was being distributed, but I had every faith that it could be fixed. However, it was not to be. It’s a shame, I really enjoyed … Continue reading

New Year’s Nails

I spent New Year’s Eve in Australia this year, my first time spending the winter holidays in the sunshine. It was a lovely vacation, a lot of time was spent at the beach, by a pool, and just hanging out with friends and family. I was there with my mum and my sister – so … Continue reading

Old designs (lots of pictures)

I have been making pretty nail art designs for about four years now, gradually getting better. I used to just take pictures with my mobile phone in the past, so the quality of these images is not great. However, I thought I would share these old designs on here.