Final set of PostSecret nail secrets (picure heavy post)

I came back after my Christmas vacation to see that the PostSecret App has been closed down. I knew that there were some problems, and some really quite disturbing material was being distributed, but I had every faith that it could be fixed. However, it was not to be. It’s a shame, I really enjoyed … Continue reading

PostSecret nails part four

Here is a fourth set of secrets from the PostSecret app! Here you can find parts 1, 2 and 3.          

PostSecret nails part three

Sundays are PostSecret days, so here are some more of my favourite nail-related ones from the PostSecret App.

Postsecret nails part two

Some more secrets, too good not to share!

Postsecret nails

I’ve been a massive fan of the Postsecret art project for years, I even saw Frank speak at my university back in 2009. I now also have the iPhone app, and there’s an abundance of happy/funny/sad/unique secrets being shared every minute of every day. I’ve collected the ones that I like, or recognise within myself … Continue reading