Nail polish organisation a la Rachel Zoe

You all probably know who Rachel Zoe is by now right? A celebrity stylist with catch phrases whose reality TV show makes for great guilty pleasure viewing. A while back The Coveteur interviewed her and showed a lot of photographs from her to die for office. I loved the way she organises her nail polish (though I would probably arrange them by colour as opposed to brand, but never mind) and right now I can only dream of having the wall space to set up cute shelves for the polished to be on display.


From Rachel Zoe's office: It looks so colourful and fabulous - and what I particularly love is the addition of the cocktail rings. What a great way to store them as well, and you can get ideas of which rings work with which nail polish.


My attempts at a similar display... 🙂 Well, I thought it would be cool to try and arrange a mini still life.


It was quite difficult actually to find bottles with small enough caps to fit my rings - maybe I have very thin fingers?


Close up of one my current most favourite cocktail rings. Haha, this post has shown me that my cocktail-ring-to-nail-polish ratio is way off!


One Response to “Nail polish organisation a la Rachel Zoe”
  1. Camilla says:

    Wow I love this! Great idea to decorate your room as well as your nails with the pretty lil bottles! xx

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