12 posts of Christmas: 11. Christmas Eve look

This is the manicure that I’ve been wearing today, on Christmas Eve. Quite simple, red base – the ultimate Christmas colour  and then a stylistic tree and heart detail in miniature gold balls (I don’t really know what else to call them!).

Start with a solid red base, this one is from Nails Inc.

I just bought these little gold balls, and I knew they would be perfect for a Christmas manicure. Quite finickity to handle though. I used a toothpick dipped in top coat to pick them up.

I drew a stylistic Christmas tree on each ring finger, start with three evenly spaced dots (it’s green polish but it doesn’t show so well) and then flick out the ends, gradually making the “stems” longer as you work your way down the nail. I also added one of the gold balls to the top.

For the thumbs I went with a gold heart. It was quite easy to do, just a bit time consuming (ca. 15 minutes per nail, to get it perfect). Dip a toothpick in topcoat, dab some on the nail and voila!

I hope you liked it!!!


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