12 posts of Christmas: 10. O Christmas tree

Wow, the tenth Christmas post – almost there now! Whilst I’m waiting for the polish to dry on my nails, I will upload one last inspiration post, this time conifer-themed, before showing you my final Christmas manicure that I will wear whilst (hopefully) unwrapping gifts 😀


This is probably the easiest Christmas tree manicure and definitively looks festive. Start with a green polish base and then simply add the trimmings!


This is a stamped on tree and it looks very cute! Stamping seems like a great way to achieve a consistent manicure on all nails - I really need to get into this!


This look is created by using a stencil, again achieving very precise lines.


This Christmas tree was created with a lot of dots, and a lot of patience! The end result is quirky, different and so wearable! I love the fact that the tree is only on one nail and the rest match in green!


Of course I had to include my own design from last year in this list! I think it turned out quite well, and it was a lot easier to just do one side of the tree because I did not think it was going to turn out perfectly symmetrical since it was all freehand.


Finally, this one is probably my favourite because of the minamalist style and the choice of colours. It is immediately recognisable, yet it is not too Christmassy or over the top. It is just very classy and pretty.



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