12 posts of Christmas: 9. Multicoloured nails

This is another manicure from last year, multicoloured, festive and quite easy to do! I hope I inspire you, obviously any colour combinations can work – but it’s fun to use more than three colours, and alternate them across all of the nails. You can use tape to get the lines perfect, but this ‘triangle’ design is quite easy to free hand, and again, it looks alright without super sharp lines.

I used 6 colours in total for this look, and alternated them on each nail. It's a good idea to think this through before starting, to make sure two identical nails aren't next to each other.


Another view of the nails, in natural lighting. I liked how I used a lot of colours that I wouldn't normally wear on their own, such as the blue glitter and the green.


This was about the same time last year as I got engaged, hence the close up on the ring, as opposed to the nails. Oh well, they compliment each other!


Ingredients list

Prep time: ~1.5 hours

Base coat: Dior base coat

Top coat: Dior quick drying top coat

Polish(es): Barry M Gold Glitter, Barry M Blue Glitter, Hot Topic Green polish (with a skull on the bottle – don’t know the name), Nails Inc Milan (Diet Coke collaboration), Sally Hansen Lacquer Shine Flair, Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Deeply Violet


One Response to “12 posts of Christmas: 9. Multicoloured nails”
  1. Cam says:

    These are absolutely gorgeous, I can imagine they’d go well with pretty much anything!

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