12 posts of Christmas: 7. Christmas details

These are the nails I’ve been sporting so far this week, and I love them. Flashy, bit of bling, festive and office-appropriate (well my office has really gone for it this year, we have two Christmas trees and we’re only 30 employees!)

I started off with a gold base, I wore just the gold colour for an evening out, as I think it is pretty festive on its own.

This is the gold base that I started off with, Barry M Gold Glitter. Gorgeous colour, it is festive enough on its own. I know that Barry M has recently released new gold and silver colours in an attempt to challenge Minx. I've never used Minx, but I have to say that this colour is shiny and metallic enough for me.

On my left ringfinger I added one Christmas detail - the holly. I carefully placed a thin line of quite thick green polish and then used a toothpick to flick out the nail polish, shaping it into holly. Then either add three dots of red polish in the middle, or red rhinestones. I chose rhinestones - it's Christmas afterall!

On my right ringfinger I added a different Christmas detail. I went for a red bow, which is for me reminiscent of the Christmas tree. We never had a star at the top when I was a child, instead we always had a red bow. I made it extra festive with glitter (add it before the polish dries and it doesn't matter if gets everywhere because it will wash off apart from where you wanted it to be) and a rhinestone in the middle.

Close up of the bow detail. To me this is quite an easy manicure, in the sense that I've just added nail art on two fingers. However, quality over quantity I always say!

Ingredients list

Prep time: ~45 min

Base coat: Nails Inc Kensington Caviar

Top coat: Sally Hansen No Chip Acrylic Top Coat (I like to use a top coat with acrylic in it when I have rhinestones, it just seems to keep them on for longer.)

Polish(es): Barry M Gold Glitter, Andrea Fullerton Stripe & Sparkle Red, Hot Topic Green polish (with a skull on the bottle – don’t know the name)


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