12 posts of Christmas: 4. My snowflake design

So after researching awesome ideas for snowflake designs, I had to make my own manicure. It’s an easier design than many people think, but it does require a steady hand. I would recommend the Sally Hansen Nail Art Pens for this because they are water-based. This means, if you make a mistake, you can soak a cotton ball in water (you can even just spit on it if there is no sink nearby!), and wipe the design off. Easy!

I started off with two layers of this Barry M blue nail polish. Except for my ring finger nail, where I chose to have a white base.


I then started carefully drawing the snowflakes with the nail art pen. Start by drawing three lines, intersecting at the middle. Then, for a classic look, make three small outward flicks on each strand. I made the inner flicks meet and created a 'flower'.


Make sure the snowflakes are completely dry (otherwise they will run), add some glitter for extra sparkle.

The final look! Don't worry if the snowflakes aren't all even - they are supposed to all be unique!


Ingredients list

Prep time: ~1.5 hours (you need to make sure the polish is really dry before drawing the snowflakes)

Base coat and Top coat: Nails Inc Kensington Caviar

Polish(es): Barry M Blueberry, Natural Collection Sugar Mouse, Sally Hansen Nail Art Pens (white and blue), OPI Servin’ Up Sparkle

One Response to “12 posts of Christmas: 4. My snowflake design”
  1. Cam says:

    These look incredible, fantastic attention to detail

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