12 posts of Christmas: 2. Last year’s mixed nail art

This is my manicure from Christmas last year. There was no uniform theme perhaps, just glitter and festivities. The Christmas tree was quite tricky to perfect, I used a toothpick to shape semi-dry nail polish.


I started with a white base, then added silver glitter (except for the ring finger where I used Barry M glitter as the base coat), and then I added the festive details.


I was not so confident writing the 'Ho Ho', so my lovely fiancé helped me.


Close up of the Christmas tree, topped with a gold rhinestone - the trickiest one to create by far.


Ingredients list

Prep time: ~ 1 hour

Base coat: Dior base coat

Top coat: Dior quick drying top coat

Polish(es): Petites French White, Wet ‘n’ Wild Kaleidoscope, Barry M Red Glitter, Hot Topic green nail polish (doesn’t seem to have a name, but it has a skull on the bottle), Sally Hansen Nail Art Pen White


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