12 posts of Christmas: 1. Snowflake inspiration

I’ve always been the kind of person who seems to celebrate the holidays throughout the month of December, and now I can express this here on the blog as well! I’ll start with snowflakes, a pretty, impressive motif that doesn’t have to be too difficult. I will be posting my own design shortly, but first some lovely nails to inspire you all!

A great colour combination, dark blue glitter background with large white flakes.

This design from The Nail Teacher uses a Konad stamper - a technique I've yet to master - and it looks perfect! I love the glitter in the centre as well.

A great simple, clean design.

This is apparently a decal and I think it looks great. So pretty and delicate, perfect for shorter nails.

What do you think? Any particular ‘Christmas’ designs you want to see?

2 Responses to “12 posts of Christmas: 1. Snowflake inspiration”
  1. Pia says:

    Very pretty! Looking forward to seeing your own Xmas design on here, Cecilia.

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