Rainbow rhinestones

I did this manicure a little while ago, and used almost 100 rhinestones in the process. I guess this is my take on a rainbow manicure. It was fun, not too difficult at all, just a little bit time consuming – especially sorting out and counting all of the individual rhinestones. I would recommend counting before starting, to make sure you have enough of each colour.

The key ingredients here are white nail polish and bling 😀

Lots of rhinestones! I used approximately 10 on each nail, so 100 in total. It's lucky Chrismas is coming up - my rhinestone supply is seriously low now.

After applying two coats of the Petites white nail polish, I used one coat of this Natural Collection Sugar Mouse colour for shine.

I started off by marking even dots with a toothpick.

Coat the nail in top coat, then carefully pick up each rhinestone and press it on to the nail. It helps to wet the orange stick/finger/toothpick you're using to pick up the rhinestones.

Close up of the thumb, the 'red' of the rainbow.

Half way there! Approximately 30 rhinestones used so far!

Rhinestones fall off far too easily, so I used a strong topcoat - Sally Hansen's Acrylic Top Coat to delay the inevitable.

The final result.

Ingredients list

Prep time: ~2.5 hours (it took a long time to sort out and count all of the rhinestones)

Base coat: Nails Inc Kensington Caviar

Top coat: Sally Hansen No Chip Acrylic Top Coat

Polish(es): Petites French White, Natural Collection Sugar Mouse

4 Responses to “Rainbow rhinestones”
  1. Wow, it‘s great! Love it!

  2. Pia says:

    Very unusual, 3D – classy! Pia & Camilla in Perth, Oz

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