Postsecret nails

I’ve been a massive fan of the Postsecret art project for years, I even saw Frank speak at my university back in 2009.

I now also have the iPhone app, and there’s an abundance of happy/funny/sad/unique secrets being shared every minute of every day. I’ve collected the ones that I like, or recognise within myself or others I know. I have also found a fair few that relate to nails, and I would love to share them with you. Maybe you will agree with some of them.

This secret was a direct response to the above one. I love the instant interaction on this app!

And what’s my secret? I haven’t posted it to the Postecret community, this blog is my place to post thoughts afterall. ;D

I used to bite my nails until they bled when I was younger, much like the secret above, and although I always wanted to learn how to play piano I was too embarrassed. I didn’t want a stranger to spend hours looking at my hands. But I’ve decided that I’m going to start taking lessons.

2 Responses to “Postsecret nails”
  1. Pia says:

    The “I think fake nails are trashy and way out of style,” those nails looks really nice.
    Then the picture of the bitten nails make me cringe big time.

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