Purple glitter Jessica nail polish design

I bought this Jessica nail polish over 4 years ago, and it has served me well. It’s a dark plum colour, perfect for autumn. It looks great on long and short nails. I’m getting to the end of the bottle, but I think it’s got at least one more manicure left in it.

It’s weird, it’s the only Jessica nail polish that I own, and considering how long it’s lasted me, this must be a sign that I need to get more ones.

I wore this dark plum colour for a week at work, just as it is, but then over the past weekend I wanted to jazz it up a little. And what better way to do that than to add glitter?

This is the manicure I have had all of past week. Two coats of this Jessica No. 38 for a perfect opaque colour.

Another view of the base colour for this manicure. It's not natural light because I tend to do my manicures in the evening whilst watching TV. So this is my nails in a strong desklamp light.

Now let's add the glitter. This is a pretty cool, non expensive purple and blue glitter. And you've got to love that name, Cheatin'!

This is what my nails looked like with one coat of Cheatin'. It is basically a clear polish with bright purple and blue glitter, so it works really well with a strong colour underneath.

This is what the final manicure looks like. I love it! It looks very purple in daylight, but you can definitively see the blue coming through as well.

Another view of the nails in strong light from a normal desklamp.

This is a picture in natural (grey - this is England afterall!) daylight. It looks a lot more purple in this light.

This is an old manicure design that I did a couple of years ago using the same Jessica nail polish, this time with a stripe of Barry M red glitter.

Close up of the thumbnail.

Ingredients list

Prep time: ~25 minutes, painting two coats of the dark base colour and then two coats of the glitter (which dries very quickly!).

Base Coat and Top Coat: OPI Start to Finish Base & Top Coat

Polish(es): Jessica No. 38, Pure Ice Cheatin’

One Response to “Purple glitter Jessica nail polish design”
  1. Kristin Vuitton says:

    beautiful nails! I’d love to import this to Geneva!

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