Spotty nails

I love spots! I think it’s such an easy way of making a plain colour manicure stand out a bit more. It doesn’t take very long time, it’s a bit finicky, and I have definitively not perfected the even dots (but you know what – I think it still looks great!)

I did this manicure on my sister last week, and she got loads of compliments!

I used four different designs, alternating on each nail and on the hands. This look shouldn't be too symmetrical.

The light isn't great, but you can how well the design works with her TopShop skirt. The colours in the skirt definitively helped inspire this manicurist!

Ingredients list

Prep time: ~1 hour, with two coats of each colour and then going over the dots at least once with the various nail art pens.

Base coat: Nails Inc Kensington Caviar

Top coat: Nails Inc Kensington Caviar

Polish(es): Accessorize Exotic Brights Nail Polish Pink Whisper (with red dots), Barry M Blueberry (with silver dots), Models Own Lilac Dream (with white dots) and Petites French White (with blue dots)

Dots: Sally Hansen Nail Art Pen White, Kiss silver nail art brush, M Nail Art brush (blue), Andrea Fulerton Stripe and Sparkle red


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