Royal Wedding nails

Another old nail design, from back in April when this country was going mad for weddings and the new addition to the royal family. Kate (and Pippa!) certainly did look gorgeous, and although I didn’t get invited I celebrated a little too. This was the very elaborate nail design I did for the occasion. Getting the union jack right was so difficult, but I think it turned out ok. I got a lot of compliments that day.


How much more British can you get?


This was my design. I used the union jack colours in a french manicure, and painstakingly made a union jack on each ringfinger nail.

A closer look at the union jack. For this design I first painted a coat of Barry M Blue Glitter, then very carefully made the red lines with Barry M Red Glitter. I then filled in the white lines several times to make them opaque with a Sally Hansen Nail Art Pen in white. Finish with a top coat, and voilĂ  you have very impressive looking nails!


Nails in natural lighting.


Ingredients list

Prep time: ~4 hours. It took a long time to get the union jack right – you can’t rush a design like this or it will get smudged.

Base coat: Dior base coat

Top coat: Dior quick drying top coat

Polish(es): For the union jack: Barry M Blue Glitter, Barry M Red Glitter, Sally Hansen Nail Art Pen White

For the blue french tip: Barry M Blue Glitter and Kiss Silver Nail Art Brush

For the red french tip: Barry M Red Glitter and Kiss Silver Nail Art Brush

For the white french tip: Petites French White, Wet ‘n’ Wild Kaleidoscope and Kiss Silver Nail Art Brush

2 Responses to “Royal Wedding nails”
  1. Pia says:

    Hi Cecilia
    Love the Union Jack, and even more the engagement ring on the same finger!
    Can’t help noticing that you’re into flags – wasn’t it the American one a while ago? What about the Swedish flag?

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  1. […] work, so I’ve made a Union Jack chocolate cake, and I need the nails to match. I made these Union Jack style nails earlier, for the Royal wedding between Kate & Wills, but I thought I would try something […]

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