Labor day weekend

My first inspiration post!

It’s Labor Day Weekend in the US (I keep up to date on all things USA because my fiancé lives out there, and my soon to be family-in-law are all American). So I thought I would post some of my favourite “USA inspired” nails.


Beyonce's look in the Telephone video is perfection!

I have the Konad M45 plate and it features a USA flag pattern. I tried to get into nail stamping, but I was never very good at it. I might have practice and maybe aim for some USA-inspired nails myself in time for Thanksgiving?

Cute design from

I love this quirky design.

One Response to “Labor day weekend”
  1. Pia says:

    Hi Cecilia,
    Congrats on your new great blog! I am a fan of fab nails myself as you know and I look forward to following your posts here.
    Love your green glittery design och the US inspired ones as well. Here is a challenge for you. How about an Australian flag design? With a little Union Jack in the corner? Now that would be tricky. xxx

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